Route Safety

The continued growth of our ride requires your help to make sure that all of our riders get to Atlantic City safely. In order to help us continue our long-standing safety record, PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW all of our safety tips below.

Traffic Safety Information

VERY IMPORTANT: THIS IS NOT A CLOSED COURSE. You will be sharing the road with other vehicles. The motoring public does not always share in your enthusiasms and efforts during the Tour de Shore. Drivers may not know how to react to cyclists. Please be aware of vehicles around you.

Mother Nature and New Jersey road surfaces are not always friendly to us either - both of which we cannot control. We will continually monitor the road conditions and pressure the authorities to make appropriate repairs. Sometimes our requests fall onto deaf ears, but will will give it our best effort to protect our riders safety.

As you read on, refresh yourself with common sense rules and laws of the roadway. Together we can make this a safe (and fun!) ride.

On the Road
Communication & Signaling
Ride on the Right
Ride Predictably
Traffic Signals, Signs & Police Officers - Obey! Obey! Obey!
Beware of Blind Spots
Rest Stops
Support Vehicles
Special Notes for Riding in Groups
Off the Road by 1:30pm!

For any questions pertaining to the Tour de Shore route, please contact Tour de Shore Safety Director, Sgt. Wayne Bonfiglio at 856-304-5364.

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